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Category:Banks (singer) albums
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Category:Capitol Records compilation albums
Category:Virgin Records compilation albumsFormer world champion Tugba Kirpici remembers her first hour in her new Mixed Martial Arts gym in London, but the memory is fresh, having happened only on Friday. In between her classes, she made a call to her physiotherapist to ask for a loan of a sports bra, just so she could try her hand in the world of MMA.

It’s just one of many memorable moments from the Oct. 13 debut event of AKA UK – the British capital’s first women-only martial arts gym, owned and operated by Tugba, who goes by her nickname “The Gun”.

The rise of MMA in Europe has been rapid, with a second sanctioned event due to take place in Germany later this week. And in Britain, it’s been a long time coming.

“People had to fight each other on the floor with mats,” says Tugba, who along with her then-partner, Nigerian-born German Muhammed Yousef, founded AKA London in 2015. “When you see how far we’ve come, it’s a little bit scary. We’re hoping it continues to grow.”

For a sport with a history of being one of the most dangerous sports, MMA’s growth in the United States and around the world has been incredible. Its female equivalent is the fastest growing sport in the United States, according to the American Athletic Association, growing by a third in the four years to June 2017. The sport’s ultimate goal is to have an Olympic Games.

The UK is next on the list, having just emerged from a three-year break and AKA UK is now one of six fully-compliant, gold-standard gyms in the country, alongside the aforementioned German event this week in Cologne.

“In the UK, everyone knows what MMA is about now,” says Tugba, who is currently 8-0. “The UFC is growing right now. It’s become the biggest MMA brand in the world now, and that’s incredible.”

MMA is a hybrid sport that combines mixed martial

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