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KEYMACRO is a great tool that allows you to execute macro commands from the Windows Keyboard. The software can be installed as a system service on the computers from Microsoft, allowing you to use it anytime. It can also be run from the command line or from within any.NET application. The installation package includes three […]


* HIDE/SHOW TRANSMISSION DIRECTION IN FEATURE MENU Quick FTP Uploader is the successor of our previous utilities, Quick FTP Upload and Quick FTP Uploader. Some features are improved: * A new user interface. You can use the mouse and the keyboard to control the FTP Transfer. * Now you can select a range of file […]

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1- You can write macros in any IRC channel (if you have the rights of the IRC server) 2- You can send macros as messages 3- In a channel you can make your own @macro commands (when they are recognized as commands) 4- Macro commands can be as simple as typing „help“ or „help! macroname“ […]

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KEYMACRO is a handy piece of software that gives you the ability to have your computer call out a pre-programmed telephone number when certain „keywords“ are entered. For example, if your computer hears the phrase „macbookpro“ or „ibmthinkpad“ or „Kai“ or „suicide“, or some other word, or even just the name of a file (say, […]

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Keyboard macros software, user friendly easy to use, easy to learn, convenient to use, not only good for use at home, can also be used in office, classroom. Keyboard Macros software Features: 1. Multiple macros editor 2. Attach multiple keyboard macros 3. Simple to configure and easy to use 4. Support hotkeys and mouse buttons […]

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Use the KeyMacro dialog box to define a series of keystrokes and keycombinations. When you press any of the keystrokes (which can be the function key (F) or some other keys), SiteKiosk will execute a specified command or action, such as start the Player, delete the temporary Internet files, show the help page, or check […]

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Keymacro is a simple utility designed to help speed up the editing process when using the word processing software WinWord. It enables you to easily and quickly insert macros, a convenient way to automate routine text-processing tasks. A macro is essentially a series of short instructions that you can save as a new button on […]

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Keymacro provides a simple keyboard macro editor, which allows you to record and play back text commands, such as navigation to a specific directory, opening a program or document, or making a recording of the current keyboard layout. Keymacro saves all your macros and can record them. You can set the keymap layout and assign […]

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The MCC Theater Updates Widget displays the event information and schedule for the MCC Theater. Also check out the new MCC Theater Calendar! MCC Theater Updates Widget Home: Download the MCC Theater Updates Widget: **************************************************************************** The MCC Theater Updates Widget is provided to you as a service of the MCC Theater. The MCC Theater wishes […]

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File size: 1.5 MB Price: $59.95 Car Tracker is a simple application that lets you create a database of your car, its make and model, history of car’s modifications and other important details. Moreover, you can specify additional features like car’s color and fuel type. The application has an interface that is very straightforward and […]

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