Cold pressed Siberian Cedar Nut oil, produced with the help of a wooden press according the old technologies.

Since ancient times, Siberian cedar nut oil (also known as pine nut oil) has been considered one of the most healing organic products. It is made of pine kernels, grown on cedar trees in a remote area – the Siberian taiga forest.

Special Features of Cedar Nut Oil

Natural Purity

All production processes are carried out in the Cedar House, on the wooden equipment, so that neither the nut, nor the oil come into contact with metal. It is important that the oil retains its natural purity and structure and not oxidized.

Well-preserved Nutrients

It is obtained by cold pressing, which means that all the vitamins and minerals are preserved in the oil.

Vitamins from Nuts

The first pressed Cedar Nut Oil takes the best that the nut contains: vitamin E, vitamins of groups B (B1, B2, B3), A, D and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It normalizes metabolism, slows aging and strengthens the body.

Healing Properties of Cedar Nut Oil

Cedar Nut Oil can be used in many ways, all of which will contribute greatly to your health. Here are some of its effects noticed by everybody taking it:

How To Use Siberian Cedar Oil?

Cedar nut oil is used widely in cooking. It is added to salads, porridge or any side dishes. You can also oil your pancakes or cook a dressing for your main dishes…there are no limits. However, remember: Cold pressed oils can not be subjected to high temperatures! (And cedar nut oil should also not be exposed to metal!)


Read reviews from the people who is benefited using Cedar Nut Oil

I received and tried cedar nuts for the first time and they are absolutely delicious. Loaded with protein, fat, and fiber. I can't get enough. Thank you for the wonderful products, I will be ordering more as soon as possible.

Charlie Anderson


The Ringing Cedar products are the best I have had. My parents introduced me to the oil after it changed my dad's body dramatically for the better. I then tried the nuts and they are the most nourishing nuts I have ever had. They are so charged and delicious it is like they are from another world!!

Erin Mullins


Really tasty! It feels like it was made with love. I used to buy pine nut oil in a store - the taste was completely different. I would say, it was unpleasant, probably, because it was rancid. In general, I really like your oil because it is raw and has a life force.

Mikaela Delaney

Seattle, WA


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