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KEYMACRO is a small free software that allows you to configure your keyboard without using a mouse.

By means of this extremely simple software, you will be able to access and control all the parameters of your keyboard, without the need to use a mouse. It works with any keyboard, even if it is not a model that has its own software that is compatible with the MAC OS.

Keymacro Macros make it possible for you to act using only your keyboard. The program will help you to define, edit and execute macros, which are more or less complex sequences of keyboard controls.

Once you define a macro, you can assign it to a key or, on the other hand, the program will record it to a sequence that you can add in the program to continue working on.

It is important to note that macros are not executed until you have defined them with the software. You can be forced to load a new set of parameters when you open it.

The appearance of the macros, their definition and execution are very easy, as well as their configuration.

What’s New in Version 1.7.8

The latest release of the program includes many fixes and some improvements to the program. Among the most important changes in this release, we can highlight the following:

– A new icon has been added to the program (from version 1.7.7). It should appear if you open the program after a long time without using it (version 1.7.8 is very stable).

– There is a new Help section with some basic info about the program.

– All the programs in the Features section are now compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina (the upgrade is not mandatory).

We hope you find our software helpful and useful, and that your experience with the program will be a pleasant one.

– After the release of the new program version, we have updated the instructions included with the program to help users that have had problems while trying to install or use it. In addition, we have prepared some tutorials that show some of the program features.

– In the past we have noticed that some of the users thought that our software could cause some problems with other programs. We have now included in the download a file with information about the compatibility of our software with macOS and other programs, in order to make sure that your experience will not be affected negatively. We have added also a support article in the Help section 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is an all-in-one utility for Windows. You can use it as a speech to text converter, text to speech converter, notepad, and keyboard recorder.
Keyboard input is a classic method of entering text, and it works best when you know how to enter text on a computer keyboard. But writing text by hand can be cumbersome, time consuming, and error-prone. After some research, we found that the best solution would be to use speech-to-text software.
Why are we talking about text input while we are talking about text-to-speech? There are many text-to-speech software programs out there. If you know what you want to say, it’s easy to find. However, not all of them are perfect, and not all of them can convert your text to speech. Some of the software programs are barely able to understand your text. Some of them will read your text with a funny and hard-to-understand voice, and some of them will just not be able to understand what you want to say. This is why we are here.
KEYMACRO is an all-in-one utility for Windows. It has a whole package of tools that make it very useful. One of the best things about this software is the fact that it allows you to record the keyboard input you make, and it does it very well.
This software is very easy to use. When you install it, you just click a few times, and the program will do everything for you. You will see a screen like this one:
If you click on the „Add Key“ button, a pop-up appears, like this:
When you click „Continue“, a window will appear, like this one:
A dialog box appears, like this:
Now you just need to click on the arrow pointing to the microphone. The software will record your voice, and then you can be sure that you will not enter the wrong text.
Why do you need to have a microphone in your computer?
The microphone will record the sound of your voice, which will be translated by the software into text. If you want to use the software to record what is in the clipboard, you need to install the „Keynote“ add-on.
KEYMACRO has other nice tools.
It has a fully functional text-to-speech converter.
It has a text-to-speech converter.

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