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Keymacro is a utility that enables non-expert users to map Alt-Numpad keystrokes to MS Windows 95/98/ME functions such as „cut“, „paste“, „Find“ and „Print“. It installs a DLL which intercepts keystrokes and maps them to Windows 95/98/ME function keys.
KEYMACRO’s feature set is to enable users to quickly learn how to use Windows 95/98/ME without having to re-learn what the function keys do.
Keymacro was built to be simple to use and requires no installation. It is compatible with all versions of Windows 95/98/ME. However, it has been tested with Windows 95/98/ME only. If you are running a different version of Windows, keymacro will not work.
The feature set of keymacro is to enable users to create shortcuts to Windows 95/98/ME functions. For example, you can quickly paste a file from a floppy disk by pressing Alt-Left.
Using keymacro is very simple:
Download keymacro and run it to set up the mapping.
Once you have mapped your keys, copy the keymacro.ini file to the appropriate directory in your Windows 95/98/ME install (usually C:\WINDOWS\).
Windows 95/98/ME must be the default system in Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options
Run keymacro when you boot.
How to use Windows 95/98/ME Function Keys with Keymacro.
1) Click the Start menu.
2) Choose Program Manager.
3) Select Control Panel.
4) Select Regional and Language Options.
5) Click the Change button to the right of Default Keymap.
6) Click OK.
7) Restart your computer.
8) Run keymacro.
If you have made mistakes while setting up the mapping, you can undo by closing the program, then re-run it. Once you are satisfied with the mapping, quit keymacro. You can now press the Alt-Left key combination to cut the contents of the clipboard and the Alt-Right key combination to paste.
Keymacro is in the „Unofficial“ section of CNet’s
For more information on how to use Windows 95/98/ME function keys, see: 384a16bd22

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